Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funny Dog

Ok. We tried for a photo shoot with Lady. She is a great dog, but a retard when it comes to posing for pictures! She kept trying to get away from the girls and explore the great ivy, or run to me. By the way, Lady is a girl dog but she raises her leg to pee! Here they are. Enjoy!


Anne of Alamo said...

aw gosh, I cried last wednesday...tony was showing J some skit videos from alamo and the one of you and Frank at New Years, when you call Paula and are crying..oh my I cried, how i miss you..I will be updating my blog tonite! I love you and your family so much!
We are so thankful for you guys and wish Frank could see Eric in action at his NCC! He would be proud!

MamaDuck said...

Hi Dorris Crew!!! Boy, the girls are just getting sooooo big. They are so beautiful and always looks so full of happiness and love for each other.

That cup of coffee that you mentioned in your first post may not be so far out of the question any more since I now live just a 3 hour drive away.

Love you all,
Aunt Sharon