Saturday, August 1, 2009

Here we are at the brink of another year. School is coming up August 17th. I am always so shocked at how the summer flies by. We are attempting to get all 3 girls out to Holloman schools this year. They love parent involvement and the principal seems to like kids! The school year seems to mark how the girls are growing. Rachel is now a middle schooler. She is so excited. She's in ap engligh, choir and she's going into 7th grade math. We will attempt to go to LasCruces in about a week for some back to school clothes. Clothes shopping is at times a chore, but the overall experience is pretty fun. Have a great weekend!

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Anne of Alamo said...

hey friend!
32 days! aaaaaaaaaaw yeah!
I am beyond excited!
I will be praying for you getting them out to HAFB for school and all that goes along with that!
You have very strong (in faith and character) children (whom I love each and everyone so much and so hope they don't die of embarrassment when I grab them and sniff their necks when I get there!)
a helpful hint for cloth shopping, it is something we did last year, and my head was so much easier.
I went thru and picked out 5 pants, shirts or outfits.
They could pick one or two(depending on funds)it was such a blessing, instead of the holding up of either clothes that were wrong size or just uhm wrong...them repeating, oh I like this, how about this one mom!
The girls loved it! They took them all to the dressing room and came out in each of them...a chore that makes them smile from ear to ear.
Then they made the choice...I was rather proud of the choices, and didn't have them even try on something not approved by mother! lol
it made it fun,
oh the boys, here's a shirt, try these pants on they fit, okay lets go! easy peasy except for Gmans skinny little self...and long legs...