Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dining Our for Special Night

Every Friday night the Dorris girls get to have a "Special Night" when junk food and virtually unlimited video and computer games are allowed. This is mainly a reward for the "kitchen helper" who has been working all week slaving in the kitchen. The girls rotate kitchen helper duties weekly. This week was Rachel's time to serve. The kitchen helper gets to pick the meal, games, and junk food and prepare it for that Friday. This week all 3 girls decided to Dine Out. They used cinder blocks for our wall we are working on and make a table and chairs! This is a heavy duty work out! They ate pizza and grapes! MMM. Lucy is next. Last time she was the MC, she threw a birthday party for a favorite beannie baby cow named Sukie.

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Anne of Alamo said...

awww those are some great shots!
love seeing "lady" there too. my favorite, the grapes in mouth and sarah of course with a little bit extra!!!