Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Frank's Job

I have some great news regarding Frank's job searches. Back in February he had a boss that wasn't too fond of him and when it was time to bring in a new company, Frank didn't get brought on with the new contract. He got on with unemployment and has been home with us all through the summer and we've had a blast. Unfortunately it was time to go back to work. :( And when he called up his old boss to humble himself and see if he could be brought back on, the old boss was gone!!! The new chief is the old Lt. Ore who loved Frank!!! Praise God! So we're waiting on the background check to come through and then we're back in business. The job they offered is part time so Frank kept looking and Jesse A. (friend from church) offered him a job out at the commissary in the meat dept!! That will be so fun because he'll be a GS. That means the awesome base pool in the summer for all of us! Also the Library on base and much more. Everything out there is free of close to it! We are very excited about the developments and God's faithfulness! Here are some pics of the lovely base pool and my bestest friends kids.

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Anne of Alamo said...

I await his schedule...I am looking forward to hearing how God has moved in Franks life!
press on my friend and hold Jesus tight!