Monday, September 8, 2008

A Vote

Ok. Now's the time for you to vote! Let me know if the pics of the girls from the pros stand up to my pics from my little ol' cell phone. Did we just waste our money!?! LOL


Anne of Alamo said...

I like all the pics..but the photographer really captured something in all ya'lls faces...
The one of Rachel makes her look older to me...which scares me...cause she is so beautiful
Sarah has a joy in her picture that is contagious.
and I would never have thought to put flowers in Lucy (child formally know as Abigail) hand..but it works!
The picture of you with everyone looks very relaxed...and Frank seems at ease.
The one of the two of you~is something to treasure...cause one of you is always the photographer...
I love them all!
I can see Lady is happy too!

Perry in Seattle said...

Hi Julie, Buzz gave me your blog id to view. It is great to see all the pictures. The girls are sure growing up fast.
Lorinda/Gary and Mom (Audrey) sure enjoyed your visit.

My email is

take care,
Uncle Perry