Monday, June 8, 2009

Can't Forget Lady!

I think I've written about everything but our faithful little doggie. When she was offered to us, I was just glad to have a little part of our favorite family as they were moving to Yuba. Now she is a member of our family. She is my doorbell and alarm clock. I could almost swear she understands us. She is so mild tempered and great with the girls. She is a blessing to us!


Anne of Alamo said...

oh she is so darn happy! and me here in tears, missin' her! lol
Frank you look so mean in that picture..
bro...rejoice, your loving sis is coming to Alamo soon! lol

Julz said...

Sorry! Frank was just hangin' out talking to the girls and Lady was looking so happy by her lord's side. I mostly took the pic for lady. I'll have to get one of Frank looking happy, which he does more often that not, lately! :)