Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scrappin' attempt

I stayed home from church today. Sad. I can't wait to be up and runnin' again. The drugs work but leave me feeling a"drugged" I suppose would be the word. I did some digi scrap while sitting at home being lonely. I was debating putting up a picture of the girls playing horses, but the minute they saw me snap the photo they begged and threatened that it not go on the blog! Funny girls. Well, here it is! My first attempt in over a year at digi scrap.


alamama said...

very cute! it's weird not seeing you at church! Hey one favor to ask, can you not put C's name on your blog. I may be paranoid, but I try not to even put their names on my blog. thanks!

alamama said...

the above comment was christine by the way. ;)

Anne of Alamo said...

ventureing into the digiworld woo hoo
I have bookoo $$ earned at Creative Victorian...I can send you a GC if you want one? go look and see what you want, my treat...$50 worth? sound okay?
i earn it by doing stuff for her to sell...very pretty things she has.
just email me pulease! lol
tell the girls that my kids love seeing your faces and hearing your stories, it is "ministry" for them to see their friends!