Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wal Mart Date

This is the girls at the McDonald's in wal mart. Mom had to get a tooth pulled and to celebrate, we all got sundays. Mom and Dad have been letting the girls have their own table when we go to resteraunts and they love it! The also get to practice being good customers when we are at nicer places that have a server. Don't worry! Mom is feeling much better, but not well enough for a picutre just yet!


Me said...

YAy! I finally found your blog! LOVE these photos! Fun blog. Do you make 8x8's with your LOs?

The Dorris Crew Adventures said...

I am just getting started scrapping again. I have made 8x8's in the past, as well as 12x12's but nothing on the scale of art that you do! Thanks for looking though!